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ADHD Impulse Control: from Frustration to Fantastic

Today was a day too fantastic not to share. It was a day I hadn’t anticipated. Words I expected to be different. Negative. Worrisome. Hard. And Heartbreaking. But instead, what I heard was positive encouragement, wonderful feedback, and a…

The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 145: ADHD

Ep. 145, ADHD On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by the Paleo Parent’s oldest, Cole, to share on his ADHD, what they have done to manage his symptoms, and the results they have found.…

Real Beauty

8 Things Every Man Needs to be Clean

Get it, my pun there? “Clean”… as in clean products to not be dirty, stinky boys? As often as we talk about safer skincare and cleaner personal care products, we’ve never dedicated a post to men’s products. And I’m…

Real Food

No Sugar Needed! Fruit-Sweetened Treats and Snack Ideas

On the heels of our 14-sleep no treats reset, we’re sharing our favorite fruit-sweetened desserts and fruit-based snacks in this week’s newsletter! Plus: parenting success, farmer’s markets, and pizza! Our Real Life Cole was caught doing something nice for us…

Real Food

Do More, Buy Less + How to Gain Health in 2017

Happy New Year!! The new year is a natural time to reflect back, and use the feeling of a “clean slate” to start anew. And if your goal is to improve your health and well-being in 2017- we’d love…

Real Food

Our Weekly Family Meal Plan with Simple Dinners!

This week was all about simple meals! We’ve been busy getting ready to launch our new website (eeek!), plus it is the busy season at my day job- so dinners were mostly quick and easy this week! We like…